If there is one thing Stefan Andreas Bartels Daal knows it is that everything has a beat. Growing up in the happy Island of Aruba, Andreas had a way of seeing the island for what it was: a musical style of its own. As early as the age of six, the influence of the subtle musical beats around him and the excitement of music itself has helped Andreas distinguish the path and rhythm of his own life: his passion for composing and producing music. His life since then has been working towards creating his legacy in the music world.

Steve Andreas started the basis for his journey at eighteen years old when he had the privilege to move to Holland and attend Codarts Conservatory School. This is a top ranked school in the Dutch city of Rotterdam that helped create the framework for his composing and producing skills, which he would later take back to the Caribbean.

With the combination of time and dedication, Stefan Andreas has been able to make a name for himself. News of his talent for unique beats and passion for music spread quickly, as he became a producer of local and international artists. He marked his iconic status in the Caribbean in 2012 when he achieved the “Zouk Caribbean Hit”.

Since then, Steve Andreas has expanded his depths in the music world by becoming a DJ and exposing himself to the new era of music where he refined his true identity for the art of House Music. Taking up the name “SMB”—and then later altering it officially to Steve Andreas in 2014—he has made a strong impact on the House Music genre.

Steve Andreas became widely recognized when DJ Chuckie featured him on DirtyDutch radio show, making him reach global support. Once again, Steve Andreas was honored to form part of the 2014 Electric Festival, where he took performance to another level. He attended the ADE conference (Amsterdam Dance Event) in Aruba together with talented artist such as Chuckie, Erick Morrilo, Knife Party, Lil Jon, Chus & Ceballos, Carnage, The PartySquad, Stacey Pullen, Mastiksoul, and Mitchel Niemeyer.

Recently, Steve Andreas has been focusing on several new tracks and ghost producing for other artists. His new hit, “Misunderstanding”, was signed with Dirty Dutch Record Label, and has allowed Andreas’ exposure to spread all the way to the sunny beaches of Miami, where Steve Andreas can be found playing WMC at pool parties around the city.

Steve Andreas continues to conquer the music industry and is looking forward to pursuing his career as a producer engineer and composer in order to fully express his love and fifteen-year dedication to music.

"Music is life"
- Steve Andreas